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Hydravion Automne

Sustainable development is the improvement of the performance of a society to make it stable over time.
The population was 1.6 billion in 1900, 7.6 billion in 2018 and probably around 10 billion in 2050, population gain mainly expected in Africa and Asia (+2.4 billion)


Environmental quality of human activities

human activities to limit environmental impacts, preserve ecosystems and natural resources in the long term.


Social equity

reducing inequalities and maintaining social cohesion


Economic efficiency

The sustainable economy is a sound management of human activities without harm to humans or the environment.

Waterbase construction (2014)

  • Use of local materials, use of local manufacturers...window (Milette St Boniface), roof (Yamachiche and Quebec), furniture (Forme&Concept Trois-Rivières and Montreal), custom kitchen and beds (Forme&Concept, Matelas Au-Lit Trois- rivers) etc. etc
  • Use of local contractors (Construction JDiamond St Barnabé, Trois-Rivières, excavation R.Forget St Gérard des Laurentides etc.) favoring ethics to the detriment of the logic of the lowest bidder.
  • Construction according to the highest building code requirements in terms of insulation, building quality, acoustic quality, waste water treatment with expert advice (Ecoflo Bionest), rainwater recovery, electric and radiant heating by the floor, heat pump air conditioner, use of LED technology for bulbs and choice of equipment for LEED construction, etc.
  • Use of floating docks on the river, made of aluminium, floating caissons and cedar (no treated wood or polystyrene) and without anchoring to the bottom of the river.
  • Treatment of eco-respons...

Airline fleet management

  • Our aircraft, seaplane and helicopter are a model of sustainable development because they are continuously modernized and refurbished thanks to our approved aeronautical maintenance workshop which has all this expertise. What is the carbon footprint of a device that has been flying for more than 40 years, and kept in an irreproachable state of airworthiness compared to a motor vehicle with a lifespan of only a few years?!
  • Our devices are more efficient than a limo on the same route because, in the end, they use the same type of engine and go to their destination in a straight line;
  • No need for infrastructure for seaplanes and helicopters...no road, no airport, no radar control...no trace of their passage in a lake or on land!


In the future


  • Re-design the rolling fleet by promoting electric as much as possible.
  • Favor subcontractors, hotels and outfitters who adhere to these values and maximize their efforts in favor of sustainable development. 
  • Continue the effort to build a healthy and professional work environment where everyone, employees and employer, finds themselves in these same values of mutual respect and loyalty