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Flying Instruction


Hydravion Aventure is also a flying school contained within a bush airline. Get to know the amazing Beaver and various Cessnas with a talented team of pilot instructors and attentive mechanics, all working in a wonderful spirit and atmosphere of flying instruction.


The seaplane base is located on an exceptional site set on 90 hectares of virgin forest only a very short distance from the exit on Highway 206. Instruction starts at dockside… the back country is yours to discover, with hundreds of lakes and peaceful oases like the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc or Hôtel Sacacomie to drop into…and in the evening you’ll have a choice between the lively street scenes in Trois-Rivières or Shawinigan! It’s the real Québec!
Getting back to basics


Invented in France, the seaplane found its true vocation here in Canada, where necessity made it the vehicle of choice in an environment to which it is entirely suited. Even today, nothing much has changed, still the same feeling of liberty, the same amazing sensations.


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