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Our Team



Hydravion Aventure is committed to the highest standards of safety and quality service.

The question you should ask yourself:
Why should you fly with Hydravion Aventure? Every company has the same sorts of pilots and seaplanes, don’t they?

To ask the question is to give the answer:

Our pilots are highly experienced, most of them having an air force background, all with several thousand hours of flight time behind them. They are qualified in instrument flying (IFR) and some have an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).


Our pilots are also trained to accompany you, your family, group or VIP guests, and will know how to look after you in both English and French. To be a bush pilot at the controls of a seaplane or a ski-plane requires great skill, as well as good judgment, sang-froid and rigor.


We guarantee to offer you the best service of this kind in Québec, enhanced by our inside knowledge and maximum safety standards.



Laure Loupias - Itinerary programmer 

Laure is in charge of programming. She designs the itineraries and sees to accommodation. When it comes time to fly she is in charge of all coordination back on the ground; she is the key person ensuring that all the magic happens.


Alain Priem - Chief pilot and Operations manager

Alain spent 15 years in the French Air Force and has 2,000 hours flying time on the Mirage 2000. Québec has proven to be the right place for him to continue this passionate career by returning to the basics of aviation while enjoying the freedom of our wide-open spaces...

In 2001 he learned to become a bush pilot flying a seaplane and he’s never looked back. With 10,000 hours of flying time over 10 years, and having flown into just about every hidden corner of Québec, especially northern Québec, western Canada, the Rockies, the North-West Territories, Alain really knows his stuff. He is called upon to fly into all sorts of places conventional aircraft can’t get to, including very basic runways up North in the Beaver equipped with wheels, or with skis on frozen lakes and a seaplane the rest of the time.

Alain is a well-organized person with a love of numerous outdoor sports including hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, endurance motocross (formerly at the national level), Jet ski (World Offshore Championships 2001 and a pro instructor in France), sailing (French BPPV or yachtmaster qualifications).


A travel buff who quickly noticed that the luxury travel market involved little more than deluxe hotel stays, he created Hydravion Aventure in 2004 in order to share his passion for unusual travel experiences to out-of-the-way locations.

David Lacourse - Engineer

Aeronautic engineer for 8  years, David is in charge of our fleet.